Sri Ram International School

Village Maniyarpur – Mustafapur
15th KM, Hajipur - Mahnar Road
District Vaishali - 844503, Bihar
Call : +91 9801345916, 9835043845

Board of Trustees and advisors : Left to Right: Shri K. D. Singh, Shri Rohan Singh, Shri Arbind Jha, Shri Kamaljit Singh Arora, Smt. Neha Singh, Shri Anurag Sharma, Shri Mukesh Agarwal and Shri Rajesh Singh

Neha Singh, Author of the Trust
Neha Singh is the Daughter in-law of late Babu Ram Kumar Singh Ji, She, in memory of him, has taken the daunting task of implementing his vision. She has authored the trust and takes personal interest and care in setting up the School.

Kamaljit Singh Arora, the Secretary of the Trust
Kamaljit Singh is an academician, a M.A in history from Bombay University; he has over 20 years of Administrative experience in running of educational institution.

Shri Mukesh Agarwal
Shri Mukesh Agarwal is a business person and a social activist, involved in various organizations and enterprises.

Shri Arbind Jha
Shri Jha is an eminent Lawyer at Patna High Court and has interests in social work especially education.

Shri Anurag Sharma
Shri Sharma has his interests in technology and has internet related wide experience. He is a post graduate from Bombay University and university of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.