Sri Ram International School

Village Maniyarpur – Mustafapur
15th KM, Hajipur - Mahnar Road
District Vaishali - 844503, Bihar
Call : +91 9801345916, 9835043845

The Logo or the Coat of Arms is a representation of the principles of the school. It lays the foundation for the future and are guiding and motivating principles for those associated with it. It gives a sense of pride and belonging, when you look up to it or wear the same on your chest. And to lay the principles of the school one needs a powerful vision, clarity of thought and beauty of expression. The logo of the school has been thought and envisioned by Shri Barun Mitra, a renowned social activist and it has been beautifully expressed by the well known artist Shri Ravindra Tanwar.

Shri Ram International School, Vaishali, Bihar
Motto: Joy of Learning
Our goal is to impart a sense of joy, so that learning remains a lifelong passion for students and teachers alike.
Logo: The school’s logo captures the essence of the philosophy of education at Shri Ram School, integrating the eternal desire for continuity with modern manifestations, and laying the foundation for the future.

  • Flow of knowledge – the book portrays knowledge as it flows like a river, constantly changing, expanding, never ending
  • Growth of life – the tree of knowledge and the river dolphin symbolise the various life forms and the environment that are nurtured by the flow of knowledge
  • Spread of values – the telescope stands for the Courage of conviction to explore new horizons; the computer represents the capacity to Reason and analyse evidence based on Logic; the balance symbolises Justice and Honesty, and the stethoscope exemplify Empathy for fellow human beings.

  • Securing the future – the four petals illustrate the diversity of students, with different skills, interests, who leave the portal of this school, to pursue their chosen professions with capacity to harness whatever the world may offer, and wherever in the world they may find themselves. And enjoy the growth of their own life while cherishing the values that illuminate their journey, Free and Fearless.

    Shri Barun Mitra

    Shri Ravindra Tanwar