Sri Ram International School

Village Maniyarpur – Mustafapur
15th KM, Hajipur - Mahnar Road
District Vaishali - 844503, Bihar
Call : +91 9801345916, 9835043845


An Individual is the smallest and most important part of the society. Late Shri Ram Kumar Singh ji firmly believed and lived his life on the core principle of individual liberty. He believed that, society comprises of individual and not otherwise. It is obligatory for the society to do things that improves the individual. This institution is an extension of that vision and thought. Every child in this institution shall get the best for his development as an individual, in turn improving society, country and the world. The School is committed to developing socially responsible global citizens in a safe, creative and educationally challenging environment that encourages collaboration and the achievement of individual excellence through self discovery.

Extra -curricular activities

The School shall have a vibrant atmosphere for extra -curricular activities. There shall be specialized and compulsory classes in dance, art, music, singing, debates, dramatics and elocutions. There would be inter-house and inter school competitions. There would be a occasional events for performance and an annual event to showcase children’s talent.


The library shall be the favorite place of the children, in due time it shall boast of the largest, best managed and elaborate collection of books of all fields. There would digital content too and would be managed by an experienced librarian.


There would be a devoted laboratory for education and proficiency in computers, both hardware and software. A skilled staff shall assure that, every student is well attended and is improving their learning of computers. Students would be encouraged to do projects on a regular basis on computers through presentations etc. Skill and language development It is a known fact in academic circle that, knowledge in today’s world is only as good as one is able to express it. And for expression a control over language is a must. Understanding the need of the hour, this school shall lay special stress on language building. Students should be able to inculcate lifelong habit of reading and writing. They should be able to actively participate in activities which show cases their control over language. For this we would have a special language teacher who would be counseling kids specifically for understanding of language. The school shall make it imperative for every child to hone a skill be it music, art or anything as per his or her abilities and likes.


This would be the most important aspect and Uniqueness of the school. This would be the centre for development of the mind of the child. Stress would be laid to make the child understand the concepts not just by curriculum but by all means necessary to make him think and go deeper into the subject. The class rooms would be having Smart classes, from none other than famed Educomp. Subjects and topics shall be visited by the teachers in all possible ways to drive the concept to the students. Teachers shall be instructed to involve students in project works and class activities. Eventually to perform in an competitive environment, the students shall be taught to be precise and punctual with their expression of knowledge. Special and distinguished faculty shall be occasionally be invited for lectures and interaction.

Safety and security

There shall be a team of security personnel from a reputed agency, besides a few on the rolls of the school. Also, there will be 24 hr. CCTV coverage of all important areas. A security supervisor shall be at all times be on duty, reporting to the Principal. The local police shall be kept in loop and shall be requested to keep a tab on their daily rounds and be available immediately in case of an emergency.

The Staff:

The team of teachers, handpicked by Mrs. Preeti Singh , shall be on conditions of the best in the field. Best in terms of qualifications, experience and commitment to the cause of education. The staff shall go through regular teaching workshops and training. There shall be an excellent Admin head to take care of administrative duties. A separate transport head and an on the field sports head. There shall be separate staff for language, art –craft, music and dance.

The infrastructure

The School has a 2 acre campus, sufficing all norms for affiliations from CBSE in due course. The total present constructed area is approx 15000 sq ft, with 10 class rooms, and 4 other rooms, separate toilets for boys and girls. The school plans to complete 75000 sq ft of constructed area for class rooms and another 50000 sq ft for other utility. The school shall have a capacity of 2000 children with 40 students per class room and teacher to student ratio shall be 1: 20 There shall be open fields for sports of approx area of 60000 sq ft. For future need, the school has another adjoining plot of 9 acres for any further extension.

The building

The building has been designed by a renowned architect and Structural Designer, Shri Amit Kumar of Artcon Designs. He has designed numerous School buildings like DPS and DAV. The Project is managed by efficient engineers, under strict quality control. The building has been designed to strict norms of CBSE norms and is earthquake proof with over 700 piles of 9 mts depth and 18 inches radius. The roof of the class rooms are 12ft in height and 500 sq ft of area. There are 8 fans, wide windows and clear lighting for the students. There is three phase power back up.

Legal status

The School is formed under the aegis of the Sri Ram Educational Trust, registered under the trusts act, registration no. with sole clause of imparting education for benefit of the humankind. The “No Objection” shall be obtained from the State Govt. in due course. The land of the school premises has been donated by Shri Srinandan Singh for the same purpose of imparting education to the benefit of humankind, In the name of Sri Ram.

Board affiliation

The School shall apply for Board affiliation in due time, in the mean while all the curriculum and syllabus shall be followed as per CBSE norms. Transport system

The School shall have its own buses and a separate transport department with an experienced head shall take care of an effective and efficient transport system. The Buses shall be fitted with a GPS system, a medical emergency kit, a hand-phone and drinking water. A teacher shall accompany the students to and from the school on all trips, besides the driver and conductor.